Jazz with an Accent

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Since 2010, Casey Van hast hosted, Jazz with an Accent under the name "Cornelius". He was introduced to radio by Tien Providence, host of the Jazz Zone, formerly on CKLN FM, now also on Radio Regent.

Jazz with an Accent is a RadioRegent.com show featuring local jazz and jazz that's local somewhere else.

Airs Wednesday Mornings 2-4pm.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: There are tons of great jazz out there but I really want to focus on the music being made right here in Toronto by Jazz, Blues and any musicians focusing on improvisation. If you have any recordings, be they demos, EP's of full albums, please contact me with a message. I want to build a community of musicians around the show so please feel free to send me music.

Please email any submissions to: JazzAccentRadio@gmail.com